Thursday, August 18, 2022

Jowie and Maribe jointly murdered Monica Kimani, court told

Chief Investigating Officer Maxwell Otieno and the last witness in the Monica Kimani murder trial has placed the prime suspect Joseph Jowie Irungu at the scene of the murder at Lamuria Gardens.

Presenting his evidence before the court, the investigating officer said both Jowie and the second accused Jacque Maribe murdered the business woman on September 2018.

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According to forensic analysis the prime suspect was present and left the deceased’s apartment as confirmed by Jennings Orlando, a friend to Jowie who met him at a petrol station at 11:40 pm walking before boarding Jacque Maribe’s car.

Security personnel also revealed that Jowie was the last person seen with the Juba-based businesswoman before meeting her death. At the time of the incident he is reported to have worn a maroon cap, white Kanzu and a grey coat.

Mr. Maxwell told the court that the gun shot injuries sustained by the accused were self inflicted using the gun of his neighbour Brian Kassaine.

Immediately after leaving the scene, Jowie and Jacque Maribe were spotted at club 40 forty where they partied until 4am. At the time of the murder, Jacque Maribe’s phone was off from 10:25 pm until the following day at 9:52 am.

Brian Kassaine revealed to the court that the suspect asked for anything inflammable to burn something which he did outside his house. Investigations found pieces of clothes matching the white Kanzu he wore at the time of the incident.

The second accused Jacque Maribe is accused of witnessing the burning of the items after the incident occurred with the time she switched off her phone being the same time the incident took place at Lamuria gardens.

Evidence gathered during the investigation were tabled before the court as the hearing was adjourned to 11th July this year.

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