Saturday, January 25, 2020
Home News & Updates Jumia customer orders human hair, receives a strand

Jumia customer orders human hair, receives a strand

Jumia Kenya is the talk in town after they were accused of delivering a single strand of hair out of a full pack ordered.

A social media user by the name of Galgalo Nanjie posted the photos of what she ordered and what she received.

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Angered by the delivery, Galgalo fumed how disappointed she was terming it as rubbish.

“Heh! So @JumiaKenya this is the kind of rubbish you do ?? I ordered a full lace Brazillian wig and you bring a f****** strand ????? What the actual hell ?” Said Galgalo

Kenyans joined in the conversation saying it was a funny purchase given delivery.

Some expressed their thoughts as to how Brazilian human hair would cost Ksh 500.

Another social media user by the name Eddie Mwangi shared his own experience narrating how he once ordered for kitchenware only to receive toys.

“This is not a prank. It’s not an April fool’s joke. This is kitchenware from Jumia’s section of Kitchen and Dining. A toy impression of cups and plates! “


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