Friday, May 27, 2022

Kabartonjo detectives rescue aborted infant from death

Detectives based in Kabartonjo have rescued an infant from death and arrested a 15-year-girl who procured an abortion and dumped a foetus in a pit latrine.

“Detectives in Kabartonjo yesterday rescued an infant from the verge of death, after a 15-year-old minor procured an abortion and dumped the foetus in a pit latrine.” Said DCI

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Acting on a tip from the area Chief, the sleuths swiftly demolished the latrine and retrieved not one but two foetus before rushing them to Bartabwa Health Centre but only one of the infants survived.

“The officers who were acting on an infanticide report from the local Assistant Chief, Joshua Kiptosok, had hastily demolished the pit latrine in a bid to retrieve the foetus, only to discover that there were two infants immersed in the sludge of human waste.

What would have in ordinary circumstances prompted the celebration of two bundles of joy in Kesumet village, turned into a sombre occasion as curious men and women, the young and old, witnessed in dismay, as the infants were retrieved.

The infants were rushed to Bartabwa Health Centre in Kabartonjo, where one was declared lifeless, while the other one was referred to Baringo County Referral Hospital for specialized treatment.” Said DCI

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Berryl Achieng
Berryl Achieng
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