Kamene Goro and Prezzo officially dating,kiss in public(picture)

Its official Radio presenter Kamene Goro and rapper Prezzo are dating as revealed on Friday.

The two have managed to keep their affair under cover and on Friday their love affair was exposed to the public when Prezzo visited Kamene.

With the Valentine just around the corner, Prezzo decided to start the celebrations early enough by surprising Kamene Goro with flowers at the studios.

Flowers being not enough, the two publicly kissed in comfort clearly surprising every one of their relationship.

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Many of Kamene Goro fans shouted her name as they asked what is happening between the two of them and when did it start?

Others called out for Tanzanian Amber Lulu who at one point disclosed their relationship in the open and it has never been made public if they were done.

Back in September 2018 Prezzo and Kamene publicly kissed during a drinking session as hosted by the station.

It was during the interview that Kamene disclosed her body count stating that it stood at 27 people.

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