Kamene Goro exposes a “man of God” insulting her

Radio presenter Kamene Goro is one unhappy lady after being insulted by a follower who happens to be a “man of God” as revealed.

The expose by Kamene Goro happened after a man by the name Mark commented in one of her post’s referring to her as a prostitute.

Sharing a screen shot of the insults as posted by the man, Kamene Goro was baffled by the insults coming from a total stranger to her.


“I don’t understand such behavior, but if these 5 mins to shine was so important that you had to insult a stranger…..have them…. I am no Saint, but Respect ni Muhimu, Utu angalau.” Said Kamene.

Another post by the radio presenter lift the lid on the identity of the man where it show he is preacher from the biography of his social media account.

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“Such pple have problems in life they use the word of God and His son to cover the dirt in them….wachana na yeye let him feel himself” Said Kamene

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