Kamene Goro hospitalized after falling ill

NRG radio presenter Kamene Goro has been hospitalized after falling ill on Friday.

Kamane Goro did not however say what she was suffering from but said how much pain she was before visiting the hospital.

The radio presenter also spoke of the fear she had staying at home alone as she confesses of being unwell for some time now.

“So last night was not an easy one. Clean Tu. I have never been terrified like I was last night. The Sheer terror of being I’m debilitating pain by yourself at night is a fear like no other. And yes I haven’t been well for some time.” Said Kamene Goro.

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Even though she could not make it for work, Kamene was excited that she received some good news despite the sickness.


“What frustrated me the most was that it meant I couldn’t go to work…Anyway Lesson: On the other side of whatever struggle there is always something fantastic, who thought just hours after easily the most hellish night of my life I would get the phonecall of a lifetime!!!” Said Kamene Goro.

The radio queen closes off by urging everyone out there not to let anything to stop them from achieving their ultimate dreams.

“So Deuces to anything that may try and stop you from achieving your Ultimate! You are always bigger than your struggle!.”Said Kamene Goro.

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