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Kanze Dena’s media alert receives a huge backlash

A media alert from the State House PSU headed by the former Citizen TV anchor Kanze Dena has received a huge backlash from KOT.

The alert reads “President Uhuru Kenyatta to attend Iftar Prayers at Jamia Mosque, Nairobi.

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In Solidarity with the Muslim community in the country during this holly month of Ramadhan, President Uhuru Kenyatta will today evening Thursday, 30th May 2019 attend Iftar Prayers at Jamia Mosque in Nairobi.

For ease of access to the inside of the Mosque, media houses are advised to deploy Muslim crew”

Kenyans on Twitter led by activist Boniface Mwangi said that the media alert had just profiled journalist who are assigned on competence and not religion.

“Hey @KanzeDena your media alert just profiled journalists. An editor assigns work based on competence not religion. There isn’t a mosque, church or temple in #Kenya that will ask a journalist what religion they practice before giving them access. They’re there to work not worship.”

Many others joined in the discussion asking if the President can attend Iftar prayers inside the mosque then why is it difficult for non-Muslim members to attend.

Defending Kanze Dena, a section of the users understood from what point the remarks were made saying that every institution has rules to follow.

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“I do not find the remarks made the president’s spokesperson be at fault, in every institution, there are rules to follow and if the head of the organization has advised the spokesperson on what is required who are we to critique her directive?”

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