Wednesday, June 29, 2022

KEMRI director fired by health CS Mutahi Kagwe

Kenya Medical Research Institute director in charge of virus research has been dismissed by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe over non performance.

The Daily Nation has revealed that Dr. Joel Lutomiah was fired after failing to brief the CS on time in regard to the daily coronavirus results on Friday.

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Dr. Yeri Kombe the director general of KEMRI was tasked with dismissing Dr. Joel Lutomiah by CS Kagwe and he did so through a disciplinary latter.

According to the Daily Daily Nation, the latter entailed how he failed to deliver the daily COVID-19 results at 8 am as instructed.

It continues by instructing him to surrender his current duties to Dr. Samson Konongoi until a suitable candidate is appointed.

The latter indicated that he has been demoted to a research scientist at the facility.

Efforts to reach Dr. John and Dr. Yeri failed with reports indicating that Dr. John was not actually fired but resigned.

Scientists in Kenya have critisized the decision saying he should have atleast been given a chance to explain himself.

They also accused Dr. Yeri for failing to defend their own at a time when the facility is under financial pressure.

The scientists explained how complicated it is to handle such samples and given the financial strains then they could have led to delays in releasing the results.

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