Ken Gen confirm Masinga dam will remain open

Ken Gen Chief energy planner,Willis Ochieng said that the dam will remain open operational for the next 60 days even if if does not rain..

This comes after Energy CS Charles Keter who said the dam might be closed within the next few day if it does not rain in the next two weeks.

Speaking in Mombasa during the Greater Horn of  Africa Climate Outlook Forum,Mr Willis said that there is adequate backup of electricity and the Ken Gen does not rely on hydropower plants.

The hydrologist in charge of water resources management in dams said that Ken Gen has enhanced its thermal power plants to stabilize its systems.

He said that 280 megawatts at the station is enough to cushion the country from power interruption and rationing due any dam problems.

Mr Wills said that at the moment Masinga dam has water levels of 1,041.5 cubic meters which is above the threshold necessary to shut down a dam.The dam will only be closed when it hits 1,035 which means it is 6 meters above and the water levels reduce at an average of 10 centimeters per day.

Last year when the dam was closed,Kenyans never noticed that.Power interruptions will only come in when there are problem with distribution syatem,Mr Willis said.

Slavian Mwangecho
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