Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Kenya hits back at U.K over COVID-19 restrictions

Kenya through the Ministry of Foreign affairs has hit back at United Kingdom (U.K) over recent red list of the country following a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Through a statement, the Ministry noted that ban was received with deep regret and disappointment that will affect their prevailing trade, travel, tourism and security corporation.

In addition to the above, the ban comes at a time when both countries enjoy a strong and strategic relationship on matters trade, security, health and education.

The Ministry believes the ban does not portray the logic behind the virus but rather a notice motivated by a discriminatory policy against certain individuals and countries.

Kenya takes pride on the strides taken in ensuring that the spread of the virus is contained in addition to many other measures that have been applauded by World Health Organization (WHO).

The country further believes that U.K should and can provide support in fighting the pandemic including distribution of vaccines which are being produced in plenty to other countries in need.

It is because of the ban that Kenya has also issued a number of measures to be enforced that include;

  • All passengers originating from or travelling through U.K to undergo a mandatory 14 day quarantine period at a government facility at their own cost.
  • While at isolation, they will be required to undergo two PCR COVID-19 tests at their own cost with one on day 2 and the other one on day 8.

The measures will however exclude cargo planes traveling between the two countries under the laid protocols and Kenyans coming from the U.K or traveling through the U.K.

Kenya prides itself for doing all it can to combat the virus including identifying the two deadly variants from the U.K and South Africa in addition to the use of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine approved by World Health Organization (WHO).


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