Kenyan woman on the spot for allegedly assaulting mzungu husband

A Kenyan woman is on the spot and trending online for allegedly assaulting her old mzungu bae live on camera.

“This man is going through hell if you have watched the video you will understand.GBV is a no ,men find a way to save this grandpa wajameni.

So this lady wakati pesa iliisha,she started abusing the mzungu and keep in mind they have a kid,anachapa babu ile mbaya,and she goes love and do it on camera and it’s as if she has something against the mzungu so he can’t report.” Said Subie Queen

The woman identified as Akiru is reported to have requested the husband to construct for her a house in Syokimau but before it was over, he run out of cash but they opted to move in any way.

“A lady identified as Akiru is the subject of social media conversation after she battered a man who is her fiancee. Reports indicate that Akiru had asked for 10 guaranas which he declined to buy. Early in the evening, he had treated her to a sumptuous dinner at Ole Sereni.

So this grandpa married this lady,na akaanza kumjengea nyumba baba pale syokimau,but pesa za grandpa zikaisha kabla the mansion iishe but they moved in.” Said Subie Queen

Subie and other Kenyans have confirmed tagging and calling on the Directorate of criminal Investigation to move fast and help the man before he is killed and the lady vanishes.

“He will be killed ,pale fb we have tagged DCI ,let’s say no to domestic vayolens,coz if it was a women getting such treatment trust me huyu mzungu angekuwa ndani or kwa ndege akingoja kurudishwa kwao.Say no to GBV.” Said Subie Queen

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