Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Kenyans demand justice for woman mistreated by a chief

Kenyans online have been angered and demand justice for a woman who photographed being mistreated by a Chief.

The woman is reported have been found selling a local brew and instead of being arrested, she was washed with the brew.

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“As Kenyans who love justice. We must stand up and demand justice for this woman assaulted by a chief. She is innocent unless proven guilty. A chief is NOT A judge to administer punishment.” Said Kenya Teachers Online

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Prominent lawyers in the country questioned how local administrators take the law in their own hands.

Some narrate how they were brought up by parents who if not for the business, they could be going through poverty.

“This picture is heart-wrenching and sad nostalgic. I was educated by my mother & her mother.

My mother sold busaa & my grandma chang’aa. We were never raided as the Chiefs, Sub-Chiefs & Paramount Chief used to drink & understood the prevailing poverty.

Am a child of the system. If the system didn’t let my mum & grandma sell busaa & Chang’aa, I would now be wallowing in abject poverty in Cheptongei.” Said Lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

“Glad Don that your mum and grand mum we “licensed to sell busaa and chang’aa” by the local administration. I now understand your long tradition of obeying the law and authority.” Said Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

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