Kilifi: Suspect behind gruesome murder of three arrested

Detectives have arrested the prime suspect behind the gruesome murder of three people in Kilifi on July 7th.

“The prime suspect behind the gruesome murders of three men in Kilifi’s Junju B village, that occurred on July, 7 this year, has been arrested.” DCI Said

Robert Mganga is reported to have master minded the death of the three who included businessman Sidik Anverali Mohammed Sidik, late agent James Kazungu Kafani, and a man of Indian origin believed to be Sidik’s driver.

“Mganga, is believed to have masterminded the attack on Kilifi businessman and farmer Sidik Anverali Mohammed Sidik, 46, James Kazungu Kafani, a land agent who was in his late fifties and another unidentified man of Indian origin believed to be Sidik’s driver before setting ablaze their vehicle, a white Toyota Fielder. In a sting operation mounted by Special Service Unit (SSU) detectives, Mganga was finally cornered yesterday at around 10:30am.” Said DCI

After managing to escape the DCI detectives for sometimes, an elite Special Unit was deployed and managed to flash him out of his hideout. The suspect together with other individuals lynched the three despite pleas from Kazungu to spare them.

“He had previously escaped a police dragnet prompting the DCI to unleash the elite Special Service Unit for his manhunt. The cold blooded murders of the three had left more questions than answers in the in minds of their kin, with some of Kazungu’s family members alleging that their kin was murdered by people well known to him.

It was established that the three were on a land buying mission in the area and had toured a piece of land that Sidik intended to buy, before they were attacked by a machete wielding mob that butchered them to death.

According to eyewitnesses, Kazungu had pleaded with the attackers in their local Giriama dialect begging them to spare their lives, but the assailants who were determined to eliminate them would hear none of his pleas.

The lifeless bodies of the three that had deep cuts on the heads appeared to have been dragged on the ground for a distance, before they were left sprawled by the roadside near Junju secondary school.

he horrifying scene was processed by Crime Scene detectives immediately after the murder, with the forensic evidence gathered and analyzed at DCI’s forensic lab pointing at Mganga as the key suspect.” Said DCI

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