Kincade fire: California to experience power blackout

The ongoing Kincade fire is expected to cause massive power blackout as warned by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) company.

Millions of people in California are expected to be affected by the blackout as PG&E say it’s a measure to prevent a new fire and damage to the company’s equipment.

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A state of emergency has already been declared in parts of Los Angeles and Sonoma as firefighters battle the huge rages.

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Gavin Newson, the Governor of California has made it public that he the outages are unacceptable and causing anger among residents.

Hell broke lose minutes after an electric cable got damaged something that PG&E is yet to confirm if it could have caused the fire.

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At the moment investigations have already began into the company’s role in the Kincade fire.

Last year the company was reported to be responsible for a camp fire that left about 85 people dead. The cause of the fire was attributed to ageing equipment.

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PG&E has vowed to do everything in their power to restore lights as they also blamed the bad weather for the blackout.

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