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King’s goal sinks Manchester United at Bournemouth

A solitary goal from King was enough to beat Manchester United at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth.

Lerma of Bournemouth was the first player of the match to be booked for un sportsman like conduct before Fred of United was booked for the same offense.

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In the 45th minute King capitalized on Smith’s assist to send the ball past De Gea who could not do much to stop it.

The goal separated the two sides in the first half before each side displayed a tough defense to ensure the results change before the end of the match.

Cook and Fraser were booked for tripping before Lindelof and Young were also yellow carded for foul and roughing.

Manchester United pushed further up to cancel the first half display only to be met with a strong defense.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer brought in Lingard, Greenwood and Williams to change the formation but it was all in vain.

What the results say about Solskjaer

The results come at a time when all eyes were off coach Solskjaer who had registered goods results in recent games.

Manchester United fans were hopeful to make a comeback since the start of the Premier League but that is not the case.

The inclusion of Martial and Rashford boosted the possibility of another win after qualifying for the next round of Carabao Cup.

Ole Gunnar will have to convince the Old Trafford management and cool the hearts of Red Devils fans that he truly deserves the role.

Alex Kiprop
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