Kirinyaga father kills son over Ksh 135

A 36-year-old man from Kirinyanga is reported to have killed his 5-year-old boy over Ksh 135.

The man is said to have given the 5-year-old boy Ksh 200 to buy milk, sukumawiki and tomatoes which were to cost Ksh 65.

The change that the was expected to bring back was Ksh 135 but instead he only brought Ksh 35 something that angered his father.

The father is said to have hit the boy with a rungu on his several times before strangling him to death.

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He then turned his anger on his daughter striking her head too before escaping.

The mother of the children who was at the shamba at that time heard the commotion and upon her return she found her son on the floor as the daughter was in critical condition.

A man hunt for the father has been launched.

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