Kisumu-Busia Highway accident kills two on the spot

Two people are confirmed dead following a tragic accident along Kisumu-Busia Highway on Friday morning.

The accident involved a bus and personal car travelling in different direction with the bus heading to Kisumu and the Toyota Wish heading to Busia.

The bus is said have been overtaking when it collided with the personal car killing two people on the spot.

One person is said to have been rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

Michuki rules

The accident comes at a time when the government has intensified its operations on the Kenyan roads.

All PSV vehicles were warned not to use the roads if they have compiled with the famous Michuki rules. Failure to comply would lead to arrest and fines not less than Ksh 10,000.

Drivers and conductors of the matatus are expected to have uniforms as stipulated by law.

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On Monday morning, several PSV vehicles were out of the road as many were in a rush to comply with the law.

During the rush there was another huddle for the owners of vehicles as there was a scarcity of speed governors in many garages.

Owners of the garages said that they will have to wait for a while as they expect a shipment to arrive first.

Many Kenyans were left stranded on Monday with many opting to walk or board the train so as to reach their places of work on time.

The whip on Michuki rules extended to private car owners with the police stopping them and checking if they have a first aid kitt, life savers among others.

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