Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Kisumu police thwart plans to siphon oil as tanker overturns

Police in Kisumu acted swiftly on Monday to prevent residents from siphoning oil when a tanker overturned at Kasagam flyover along the Kondele highway.

The 7:30 pm incident is reported to have occurred when a trailer ferrying the precious commodity overturned as the driver attempted to negotiate a corner as confirmed by the police.

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Immediately after the incident, residents from Nyamasaria and environs rushed to the scene with containers ready to siphon the oil only to find the police at the scene who condoned anyone from coming close to the tanker.

Firefighters from Kisumu County arrived in less than 40 minutes and stood at the scene as the tanker was towed away and oil cleared from the road.

The incident comes barely two days after 15 people perished in Malanga, along the Kisumu-Busia road when a tanker overturned and burst into flames inuring 11 others in the process.

The Sunday incident saw 12 people perish on the spot and one other passing away while receiving treatment. Several others were rushed to the hospital with serious burn wounds.

Leaders including ODM Party leader called on Kenyans to learn from previous experience that have seen hundred of Kenyans perish from such actions. Others have called on KeNHA to install warning boards for drivers.

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