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Koffi Olomide barred from entering Zambia

62 year-old rhumba singer Koffi Olomide has been barred from entering Zambia due to criminal allegations leveled against him during his previous tour.

Koffi Olomide is accused of assaulting a photojournalist Jean Mandela, sexually assaulting his dancers, kidnapping and employing them without work permit.

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The 62 year old was scheduled to perform in Lusaka and Kitwe, Zambia this July.

The French ambassador in Zambia Sylvain Berger has issued a warrant of arrest against koffi if he sets foot in Zambia. The arrest will be due to his outstanding charges back in France.The ambassador has also threatened to involve Interpol in the issue.

Zambia Minister of National guidance and Religious Affairs Rev. Godfridah Sumaili has issued a warning to Koffi that he would be arrested if he sets foot in Zambia. The Congolese musician has also been broadcast in Zambian Radio apologizing but in his statement he does not address his allegations but instead said that he loves Zambia women.

In 2008, he was accused of kicking and breaking his camera during a concert in the capital Kinshasa over recording rights.An agreement was however reached after the speaker of the national assembly stepped in to reconcile Koffi and the TV station.

In 2012 Koffi was arrested in DRC Congo for assaulting his producer.

In 2016 he was deported in Kenya after a video of him kicking his female dancer emerged.

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