KOT react to trash outside Larry Madowo’s apartment

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) were on Sunday left with so much to talk following a picture of trash outside Larry Madowo’s apartment.

The trash that saw Larry Madowo have less to caption about it also had many advising the former NTV presenter on what to do.

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Among those thrown away was a television that looked in a god condition from outside, something is so not normal in the country.

Some advised Larry to take action and take back the television to his room before its taken away.

Others wondered how much will take to repair it even if its known that the screen had a problem.

“Don’t lose our culture bro.. Do the necessary and have it inside asap.. Our ancestors will haunt you if don’t. “

“Smart TVs are trash once the screen is dead. Cost of replacing is as good as getting a new one. Probably a dead screen.”

“Larry I hope you know what a Kenyan does. Do it bro. Represent us well.”

“Just unleash the Kenyan in you en collect it.”

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