KPA allows importers to clear cargo at any port of choice

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has advised Shipping Lines to allow importers to choose their port of clearance.

This is in line with President Ruto’s directive on the 13th of September that clearance of all goods and other attendant operations to revert to the port of Mombasa.

“Kenya Ports Authority wishes to affirm its commitment to implement the directive by His Excellency the President during his inauguration on 13th September 2022 that ” clearing of all goods and other attendant operational issues to revert to the port of Mombasa.”

This is therefore to notify all Shipping Lines that importers’ documentation of place of clearance and mode of transport for their goods shall be of their choice.

Shipping Lines are hereby advised to facilitate importers’ nomination of place of clearance including Port clearance, Kenya Revenue Authority’s Licensed Container Freight Stations (CFSs), and Kenya Port Authority’s Inland Container depots.

This notice supersedes the notice of 6th June 2018 on a similar subject.” Said KPA

Following the President’s directive, both residents and non-residents of Mombasa welcomed the news as the order by then President Uhuru Kenyatta caused unemployment and major losses running in billions.

The move by President Ruto is among many others that are meant to create jobs and see the economy rise even as global prices of precious commodities such as fuel stand at their highest.

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