KWS discontinues use of Euro and Pounds in parks

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has discontinued the use of the Euro and Sterling Pound in transacting business with.

The move by KWS does not limit transactions to them but also park entry fees as they retain their cashless system that is the use of Mpesa, Visa and Master cards as a mode of payments.

It is in that regard that they have called for the transaction to be done in two currencies that is the US dollar and the Kenyan Shilling only.

It is not clear how long the move will last but tourists coming into the country will be forced to convert their currency into the two recognized ones before making a transaction with KWS.

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The new regulations are set to take into effect from the 1st of August 2019.

“The Kenya Wildlife Service will discontinue the use of Euro and Sterling Pounds in transacting KWS business including park entry fees.

We shall retain our cashless system, this means that KWS shall henceforth transact in two currencies only; Kenyan Shillings (KES) and the United States Dollars (USD).” Said KWS

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