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Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs recovered after theft

Police have recovered two bulldogs belonging to singer Lady Gaga after they were stolen after the dogwalker was shot and injured.

The dogs were returned unharmed by a woman to Olympic Community Police Station as confirmed by the commanding officer before representatives of Lady Gaga arrived and confirmed they were indeed them.

Police also confirmed that the woman was totally not involved in the Wednesday incident as she contacted the singer’s staff on how to return them. Lady Gaga is currently in Rome, Italy where she filming a movie.

A video from the scene revealed how the incident happened as a white car pulled up near the dog walker in Hollywood, struggled with him before shooting him, and escaping with the two dogs.

The third dog escaped from the scene and was later recovered and return to the singer’s representative. The dog walker confirmed to have been shot in the chest and was taken in for treatment.

It is however not clear if the woman will receive the $500,000 reward offered by the singer as investigations continue as confirmed by the police.

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