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Likoni ferry tragedy: retrieval process to take three hours

The car involved in the Likoni ferry tragedy will take three hours to be retrieved as revealed by Government Spokesman Cryus Oguna.

Speaking at the Likoni channel the spokesman said the process involved from sending the divers until when the car is pulled out will take three hours.

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The exercise which was scheduled to begin at 9 am was delayed for an hour due to strong currents at the Indian ocean and morning traffic.

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Once everything was settled then the car involved at the Likoni Ferry tragedy will be retrieved as planned.

What the Likoni ferry tragedy process entails

The process is said to entail eight divers with four heading to the vehicle and four others in position to protect the other four.

Once the vehicle is properly tied, all divers will make their way up the sea, confirmed before a crane set at the sea begins to pull the car up.

The process will be conducted keenly so as to ensure nothing wrong happens to the car or the process in general.

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Once out the car will be examined to confirm if indeed Marian Kagenda and daughter Amanda Mutheu are inside.

Speaking yesterday, Cyrus Oguna confirmed that the affected family is receiving a continues counseling.

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He further described the challenges involved in reaching the location of the drowned vehicle which included poor visibility.

People are currently gathered at the channel.

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