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Likoni ferry tragedy updates: Wambua compensated

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Latest Likoni Ferry tragedy updates indicate that the husband and father to Mariam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu has been compensated.

John Wambua is said to have filled a compensation claim following the accident and has received a hefty payment from the insurer in the latest Likoni ferry tragedy updates.

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The widower reported the claim immediately after the accident and before the bodies and the car was retrieved.

Kenyans have raised divided opinions in regard to the issue as some say it was too early to follow up on the issues but instead mourn for his family.

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Others backed up his idea saying the claims have time limits and he had to step up or else lose everything.

“As we were cheering courageous Divers, jeering our Kenya Navy & Kenya Ferry Services for ineptitude over # LikoniFerryTragedy, JohnWambua, husband to Mariam & Dad to Amanda was busy pursuing an insurance claim for his lost car!

I don’t know John Wambua but I think he is heartless!

Bury his wife and daughter first and wait for the mourning period to end. The Insurance Company is not going under” Said lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

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“Counsel, I Am Not In The Insurance Industry, But I Believe It Is A Written Rule That In Case Of Any Tragedy, The First Thing You Do Is To Contact Your Insurance Co! I Don’t See Any Being Heartless For Doing What One Has To Do!!” Said, Mickey

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