Lilian Muli calls out for young struggling guys out there

Citizen TV presenter Lilian Muli has called out on guys struggling to make ends meet to DM her.

Speaking on Sunday, the mother of two starts by saying that a lot of people have been reaching out to her asking for a job.

She continues by saying that if someone is looking for a job or a side hustle, he/she should DM her so that they could get things done.

Lilian Muli also recognizes single mothers out there and she would like to reach out to them.

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Explaining some of the attributes she is looking from a person, she reaerates her previous call for the young and rich individuals by saying that being rich is state of mind.


On Saturday Lilian Muli said that “I’m looking for you. DM Me your profile if you are young and have a success story or know someone who fits this description.

I want to tell your story and inspire generations. One of the greatest reggae artists Bob Marley was once asked in an interview, “Are you a rich man, do you have a lot of possessions?” He replied, “I don’t have that kind of richness, my richness is life”. So share your story with me.”

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