Longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century to be experienced on Friday

Residents of Kenya and other East African countries will on Friday experience the longest lunar eclipse that will last a record time of 1 hour 43 minutes.

The county to experience it the most will be Turkana.

The eclipse which is said to end on July 28th at 2:28AM is estimated to experience the darkest moment at 11:21PM.

The Moon which is reported to turn the earth color to deep red will move to the Earth shadow on Friday night.

For four hours the moon will be partly in the Earth’s shadow before moving away for two hours causing it to become “deep red.”

Moon size

The Moon during eclipse is said to become smaller in size as it moves away from the Earth causing it become dimmer.

Also the Moon will stretch its length taking longer to move from the earth at this time.

People from Africa, Europe and Middle East will be able to witness the eclipse on July 27th between sunset and midnight.

People from Asia and Australia will witness it between midnight and sunrise of July 28th.

Difference between solar and lunar eclipse

Unlike the solar eclipse, people are able to see the lunar eclipse directly.

In solar eclipse, the moon passes the sun and the Earth. The moon will partially or fully block the sun. In lunar eclipse the moon passes directs behind the earth and its shadows. This can only occur when the Sun, Moon and the Earth are aligned.

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