Lufthansa group apologizes to Dr. Miguna Miguna

Lufthansa Group which operates Lufthansa airlines has apologized to Dr. Miguna Miguna over the red alert standoff.

Giving an update on his alleged denial to travel back to the country, Miguna confirms to have accepted the apology.

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“The Lufthansa Group which owns and operates Lufthansa, the airline..has formally apologized to me. I accept their apology.”

The apology follows a similar red alert issued by Air France that saw the Lawyer be ejected from the airline shortly after boarding.

Through his lawyer, Miguna sorted to know who issued the alert as they contact CS Matiang’i who admitted to be in the dark about it.

Appearing on JKL on Wednesday, Miguna sorted to know from government spokesman Cyrus Oguna as to why he was issued the alert.

In defense of the state, Oguna said the alert was issued due to ‘unruly’ behavior by Miguna.

When Oguna was asked as to whether the alert will go away if he walks into the Kenan Embassy to take his passport back, he went silent.

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