Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Magufuli orders school reopening on Monday, 29th June

Tanzania President John Magufuli has on Tuesday ordered schools in the country to be reopened come 29th June 2020.

Speaking from parliament, the President said its about time the country reopens the economy and most importantly services that had been halted.

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Members of Parliament were pleased with the news as they clapped and cheered as the President spoke.

Jokingly, Magafuli said they have for a long time held back on a lot of things including wedding ceremonies.

The news comes three days after one MP called for constitutional changes that will allow the president to rule for life.

Speaking from Parliament, Hon. Kesi pleaded with other Law makers to force Magufuli serve for life even if he disagrees.

Hon. Kesi continued by saying that he has no one in mind who will succeed him even after he was begged to confirm his next choice.

The motion was however shut down as the Speaker called on the MP to wait until the General Election happens then the motion can be brought back to parliament.

For months now the President has questioned coronavirus cases and even declared the country free from the pandemic.

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