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Makerere University female students protest increased fees

Female students from Makerere University, Uganda were yesterday roughed up and beaten as reported by presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

The students took to the roads to protest a 15% increase in tuition fees enforced by the school management.

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It is due to the increase that many students are reported to have dropped out especially those from poor backgrounds.

Some of the Makerere University students are reported to have been suspended following the protests.

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“Yesterday, female students’ leaders at Makerere University set out to lead a peaceful protest against a 15% tuition raise, following many drop outs of many poor students. They were roughed up, beaten & brutally arrested by the military”

Bobi Wine took a jab at President Yoweri Museveni for his response to protesters claiming extreme force is used.

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“Inspired seeing young women courageously protest injustice in the face of brute force. Afraid of the population, Pres. Museveni criminalized this constitutional right & will respond to any protest with extreme violence! Our struggle is about ending this wanton abuse of the law.”

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