Makueni students arrested attempting to poison fellow student

Police in Makueni County have arrested three Form 2 girls who tried to poison their fellow student due a boy.

The three Makueni students planned to poison the fellow student’s food using chemicals obtained from the school laboratory.

Some of the chemicals used were hydrochloric acid, Benedict solution, and Phenolphthalein indicator.

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In their plan, one of them was to poison the food while another one was to lure the girl into taking the food.

Their plan, however, did not come to pass when one of the girls developed cold feet before a bitter exchange ensured.

The school prefect was informed of the plan and passed the same information to the school administration.

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It was the school Deputy Principal who called the police from Makueni Police Station.

It was after the arrest that word went round that the girls wanted to poison their fellow students due to a boy from neighboring Makueni Boys High School.

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