Man filmed assaulting wife sentenced to 12 years in jail

Makueni court has on Wednesday sentenced David Nzomo to 12 years in jail.

Nzomo was filmed assaulting his wife of 18 years to the extent that she passed out.

The recording led to an outcry by Kenyans calling for his arrest. On Wednesday, Makueni court sentenced Nzomoas it was not the first time that he has assaulted his wife.

Previous disputes were settled by area chief. It is said that Mr. David first started the assaults in 2013 when his wife opposed his idea of marrying a second wife.

Since then the accused has been assaulting not only the first wife but both of them.

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According to David’s uncle, Mr. Nzomo had chased away his family in 2016.

Further revelation showed that the accused attempted to commit suicide claiming that his first wife Winfred Mwende was heating on him.

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