Man lynched to death at in-law’s home in Elgeyo Marakwet

An angry mob has lynched a man to death in Nyawa village as he attempted to reunite with his wife in Elgeyo Marakwet.

It is alleged that the man who lives in a nearby village stormed the house of his in-laws with a group of men demanding to take back his wife to their matrimonial home.

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The disturbance raised an alarm before an angry mob descended on them killing the man and several other as confirmed by the Standard who spoke to Julius Maiyo, the Deputy Police Commander of Keiyo North.

“He had separated with his wife some days ago. The wife went back to her parents in Nyawa. When the man and his team arrived at the in-law’s home, an alarm was raised and angry villagers came in and attacked them,” Said Julius Maiyo.

Four suspects connected to the lynching have already been arrested as the police pursue six other implicated in the incident that has left one person in critical condition.

Cases of domestic violence are on the rise in the country following the COVID-19 pandemic as the government called on couples to resolve matters amicably as violence is not the answer.

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