Thursday, May 13, 2021

Manchester United vs Liverpool clash postponed over protest

Anti-Glazer protests on Sunday forced the Manchester United vs Liverpool to be postponed as fans made their way into Old Trafford stadium.

Banners and flares dominated the day as the fans broke the barriers before the fixture calling to an end the reign of the Glazer family.

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At the time of the protest players had not yet arrived at the stadium even though the line ups had been submitted to league officials.

Trouble for the family began when Manchester United were part of the famous European Super League which died 48 hours after it was established.

Joel Glazer was also appointed the Vice Chairman of the league before withdrawing himself and issuing an apology as they broke ties with the European Super League.

Last week, the agitated fans stormed Manchester United training grounds to pass the message before doing the same on Sunday storming one of the hotels where the players stay ahead of their home clash.

Ole Gunner Solskjaer supported the protest but called for peaceful demonstrations saying that it was important for the fans views to be listened to.

Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal also issued an apology noting that they went against the fans and the fan of the game something that was dismissed by Real Madrid director Florentino Perez.

According to Perez, the league is still alive and that the cubs are still in the agreement ahead of its court hearing as confirmed by Barcelona.

Alex Kiprop
News Moto sports correspondent. Catch up the latest results when they happen and as they happen, locally and international

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