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Mariah Carey’s former assistant files lawsuit for alleged urination

Mariah Carey’s former assistant has hit the singer with a lawsuit claiming blackmail from the singer’s former manager.

Stella Butochnikov is said to have abused Lianna Azarian and Mariah Carey did nothing about it.

Stella is said to have done all sorts of abuse unto Lianna including but slapping, urinating on her and using the N word on her.

Stella is said to have jokingly ridiculed Lianna’s breast by placing objects under her breast including iPhone, TV remote and utensils.

Mariah Carey is said to have sued Azarian for video tapping her intimate activities which she later blackmailed the singer with $8 million or else she releases the video.

Currently its Azarian who has sued Mariah Carey and her crew. Mariah Carey’s lawyer has denied the claims terming them as baseless with the intention of tarnishing his client’s character.

He further added that his client did nothing that she wasn’t supposed to do.

Slavian Mwangecho
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