Serial killer Masten Wanjala killed in his hometown, Bungoma

The story of serial killer Masten Wanjala has taken a new twist after his prison break at Jogoo Police Station where he was remanded awaiting a court session to answer 13 counts of murder.

A report by Citizen TV on Friday, October 15, pointed out that Wanjala paid the police officers before escaping out of the prison. It is reported that he took advantage of curfew offenders that had been locked up in his cell and asked to pay undisclosed amount of money to secure freedom.

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Wanjala feigned as a curfew offender, paid the required money and he secured his freedom. However, investigations reveal that no arrest on curfew offenders was made on that day.

Wanjala later took a ride on a trailer to his hometown in Bungoma where he was lynched to death on the morning of October 15.

The police reported that Wanjala had escaped prison on October 13 which is in contradiction to the reports from Bungoma Residents who claim that Wanjala had been at the area one week before the police report.

Three police officers were arrested concerning Wanjala’s prison break and were probed by Nairobi Regional Criminal Investigations Office but were released on Ksh100,000 cash bail pending investigations.

Buruburu Sub-County Police Commander, Francis Kamau, had earlier stated that Wanjala had escaped due to the power blackout that had hit the station on October 13.

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Justus Kiprono
Justus Kiprono
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