MCK condemns media coverage of Buruburu girls fire incident

Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has noted ignorance to observe the Code of Conduct by a section of media house when reporting the fire incident at Buruburu girls on Sunday October 31st, 2021.

“The Media Council of Kenya has noted with concern the blatant disregard of the Code of Conduct for the Practice of journalism in Kenya by a section of the media while reporting on a fire incident at Buruburu Girls High School in Nairobi on 31st October 2021.” Said MCK

The said media houses are reported to have used an amateur video during their prime-time news bulletin that contained a graphic footage of a school girl jumping from the building’s third floor.

They also shared the same graphic images on social media contrary to clause 5,15 and 21 on Accountability, Intrusion into Grief and Shock and use of Pictures and Names.

According to Media Council of Kenya, the media houses ought to have blur and issue viewer discretion before airing the content for viewers to consume.

The said media houses have been reminded to take into consideration the impact of the videos to the families of the affected students.

They have further been urged to be on the fore front to educate Kenyans on measures to undertake incase of such disaster. The Media Council of Kenya has warned them of penalties if such an incident repeats itself.

“We caution media houses, editors, journalists and media practitioners against airing content that breach the Code of Conduct as severe penalties will be administered in line with the Media Council Act, 2013, including engaging the complaints Commission to issue appropriate sanctions.” Said MCK

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