Mercedes benz gift woes Diana back home

Gospel Singer Bahati has managed to woe her wife Diana back home and even rewarded her a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Diana Maruua left her matrimonial home for three weeks after falling out with Bahati in what she said that her husband barely had time for her and the children.

In his defense, Bahati said that he was busy making arrangement for tours and he was also in a hurry for a show.

Diana took none of that and instead she said that he should find some time for the kids. Bahati asked her if she ever missed any food on the table or lacked anything, a sentiment that didn’t go well with the wife as she said it’s not all about the food although she was grateful they never lacked anything.

Diana angered many Kenyans and viewers of Being Bahati when she went to a salon and talked matters affecting her marriage instead of solving them.

She however came out to explain that as a mother things are not easy when it comes to taking care of your child.

Even though you might have breast fed her well and even changed her diapers but you wonder why they are crying.

She continued by saying that as a mother she needed her husband by her side to support her during that time as it is not easy.

Things have however taken a different turn as the couple shared romantic moments with Diana captioning it as the best day of her life.

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Bahati however had a surprise gift for her wife and as per the photo there was a brand new Mercedes Benz by their side.

In along statement, Diana had this to say;

“Yesterday was by far the best day of my life. I cannot begin to explain how our day ended. To say the least, my emotions were misplaced, I had never lacked words like that before. My heart literally skipped a bit, my legs couldn’t hold me anymore, my hands were shaking, my stomach was full of butterflies, my whole body had goosebumps.

How he managed to pull that surprise was something I least expected. All I did was breakdown and think of how far we’ve come, where we are, the things God has done in our lives, everything was unspeakable and overwhelming. You Bahati Kenya are Heaven sent! I’m still in shock, how did you manage to pull that off? I wasn’t ready! Nothing will ever be enough to say how grateful I am. “

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