Sunday, December 5, 2021

Michelle Ntalami confirms breakup with lover Makena

Business lady Michelle Ntalami has taken on social media to confirm the existence of a real love relationship and break up with Makena Njeri.

Without revealing the name, Michelle opted to use they/them confirming to Kenyans that they knew of their relationship and that they chose to respect each other legalities but will love openly and boldly.

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“One word, five letters, infinite power. There comes a time where silence is a betrayal to oneself, and the truth is the only redeemer. Hard as this is, today I choose to be bold and speak the truth.

In Kenya, where certain laws are yet to be okayed, we like to say of some of our relationships if you know you know. (IYKYK) By now, most people knew about my relationship with someone I will address as they/them. We mutually agreed that while respecting all legalities and each other’s personal readiness, we shall still love boldly and openly.” Said Ntalami

She continued by appreciating friends, fans, and followers who were inspired by their relationship but she cannot continue staying silent on the matter.

“Friends, media, and blogs and have reached out to me all year to get me to share on the matter. I couldn’t get to speak about it because of how painful it was. I realized, however, that being silent about it is costing me my own sanity and healing. I have now come to a point where I believe speaking about it will heal me and help me move forward in peace.” Said, Michelle

It is at this point that she reveals that two of them are no longer together and that her now ex-lover has been a serial cheat having affairs with two individuals one of them being a public figure and the other one a married woman and a health worker.

“The truth of the matter of why we are no longer together is serial infidelity on their part with multiple partners. Those I suspected and confirmed are two individuals; one a public figure, and the other a less known married woman, a health worker. ” Said, Michelle.

According to Michelle the worst part about it all is that she has given them multiple chances to come clean but went as far as eloping and popping back in her life causing her both mental and emotional pain.

“The deceit and lies spewn during the relationship have been devastating, to say the least. What’s worse, they have never admitted to what they have done, let alone apologized, despite me giving them several chances all year to come clean. As soon they knew I found out, they fled, occasionally popping in and out of my life but never once with the truth. This has caused me immense mental and emotional pain. ” Said, Michelle

The news comes at a time when Both Makena and Michelle have both played safe when questioned about their relationship. They just claimed to be friends when their pictures revealed otherwise.

Michelle has been supportive of Makena and even played a huge role in designing her company Bold and participating in the activities.

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