Michuki rules,shortage of speed governors hits the country

The re-introduction of the famous Michuki rules has faced its share of huddles as there is a shortage of speed governors in the market.

The shortage will mean more and more matatus will stay off the roads as mechanics cannot meet the increased demand of speed governors by Public Service Vehicles who are on a last minute rush.

The speed governors which are usually imported are expected to arrive on Wednesday November 14 as the ones the mechanics had are already sold out.

The government had already issued a notice to all public service vehicles that the Michuki rules will be back effective Monday 12th and that they will be here to stay unlike other instances when the government relaxed about it.

All Public service vehicles are therefore required to have all seats fitted with safety belts, have speed governors, and have a thick yellow line among other requirements.

PSV drivers and conductors are expected to have uniforms, badges and a picture of themselves as prescribed by the law for identification purposes.

The government already issued a stern warning to anyone caught flaunting the laid down rules. Every vehicle found lacking the speed governor will be fined Ksh 10,000 and every seat inside a vehicle lacking a safety belt or a properly working safety belt will be fined Ksh 10,000 per seat.


Last week PSV owners announced a countrywide strike calling for the government to give them more time to implement the rules.

They proceeded to tell the government that they will stay off the road until when their grievances will be heard.

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