Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Migori based student nabbed with 16 rolls of bhang

A student whose name has been withheld has been nabbed by the school administrator with 16 rolls of bhang inside the Migori based school.

Other items recovered from the student include a matchbox, one gas lighter, one bamboo roller sticker, and two Rizla rolling paper which will be presented before the court as exhibits.

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“We take our children to school to learn and have the prospect of advancing in life. As parents, we struggle with what life throws at us to make this reality happen.

And we acknowledge our children in school who appreciate the efforts parents put in for their future. But others think otherwise. Instead of sticking to the straight and narrow of succeeding in life, some choose a converse pathway towards failure and criminality.

And no worse way to actualize their evil intentions than through choosing drugs as a school companion in place of books and instruction.

This was a case yesterday in one high school in Ntimaru (name withheld) Migori County when a 19-year-old (name withheld) was upon an impromptu inspection by the school administration nabbed possessing 16 rolls of bhang, one matchbox, one gas lighter, one bamboo roller sticker, and two Rizla rolling paper. Officers were promptly called in and arrested the student who is pending court action.” Said National Police Service

Other students across the country have been warned against engaging in the vice with the consequences being worse than the gains.

“This should sound a warning to all students to avoid a pathway to crime through drug abuse and other forms of debauchery. Abuse of drugs and substances has no gain in life; it only leads to self-destruction.” Said NPS

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