Sunday, October 24, 2021

Millicent Omanga exposed by chips Mwitu girl Bevalyne


Nominated Senator Millicent has been exposed by the now famous chips mwitu girl Bevalyne Kwamboka as a liar.

Kwamboka confirmed on social media that the Senator did not give her cash as alleged politician who confirmed the donations on Twitter.

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For clarification purposes, the student confirmed that Millicent Omanga came with potatoes worth Ksh 350 an five umbrellas which were quickly taken back after photo sessions leaving her with one umbrella and two aprons.

“For clarification, team Millicent Omanga only bought waru za 350 came out of the vehicle with 5 umbrellas, took photos returned them and gave out one and two aprons. Hiyo mambo ya cash haikua plus stock ni ya 350. Hizo waru gunia kubwa i had bought and started the day.” Said Kwamboka.

Responding to Kwamboka’s statement, the Senator admits to have done her best to help her but unluckily she did not meet her expectation. She continued by expressing disappointment that facts and truths are sacrificed on social media because of fame and blackmail.

“When it was brought to my attention that Bevalyne Kwamboka had publicly requested for an umbrella to help shield her from rain and sun as she does her chips business I was out of the country but immediately dispatched my team to visit her and offer her the help she needed.

My team visited her & brought back positive report. I made a tweet to that effect to which Kwamboka acknowledged. I’m thus disturbed to learn that she has complained and rubbished the support she got through my office.

I did my best under the circumstances and I’m sorry that I didn’t meet her expectations which appear to have been higher. In such situations the truth, honesty & facts are sacrificed at the alter of social media fame, blackmail & character assassination.

I wish Kwamboka success & good fortunes as she grows her business. Entrepreneurs like Kwamboka are a testament to what our country prides itself with most; plentiful of hardworking, focused and spirited young men & women who deserve our collective support and goodwill. Thanka you and may God bless you all.”” Said Millicent Omanga

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