Molson Coors gunman kills five co-workers in Milwaukee

Five people are feared dead when a gunman and worker at Molson Coors shot them before killing himself.

Speaking following the Milwaukee chief police said that the wounds on the gunman were self-inflicted.

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Molson Coors has about 1,400 workers but luckily no one else was found with injuries after the incident.

The scene was placed under tight security as the police moved around all the 20 buildings surrounding it.

It was later confirmed to be safe as the rest of the staff were ordered to go home.

Also confirmed was that no members of the public were injured or present during the incident.

The gunman was found at the same building with the rest of his victims.

The motive behind the shooting is yet to be known as the gunman was identified as a 51-year old staff of the company.

Gavin Hattersley the CEO of Molson Coor described his staff as a family and that the incident was unthinkable.

U.S President Donald Trump described the news as a terrible thing and the gunman as a wicked murderer.

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