Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mombasa County Government scraps off new traffic system

Mombasa County Government has on Tuesday scrapped off the new traffic system following uproar following its introduction.

The new system that was introduced last week on Wednesday caused huge traffic snarl-up as the county attempted to ease traffic within the Central Business District.

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According to the County Government, major roads were converted into one way as trucks were barred from accessing CBD within 8pm and 5am.

Confirming the new turn of events was Transport Executive Taufiq Balala who noted that the county will revert to the old system beginning Tuesday midnight.

Taufiq continued by confirming that a meeting comprising of Mombasa Governor Joho, politicians, engineers and stakeholders resolved to return to the old system even though it was initially a success.

Matatu Owners Association in Mombasa faulted the county government for failling to consult them in the new changes even when they are stakeholders in the industry.

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