Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mombasa Magistrate fundraises for couple in wheat flour theft

A Magistrate in Mombasa surprised many when he help fundraise for a couple who were arrested stealing a bale of wheat floor in the region.

Evans Odhiambo and his wife Saumu Ali were arrested for stealing the now precious commodity as they tried to fend for their children to at least have a meal on the table.

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According to the wife Saumu, the two were forced to resort to stealing as they had run out of options confessing to have said the same thing to the police officer who arrested them after the incident.

Saumu continued by explaining how she was called by her husband to help him carry the goods something that she obliged to do.

“I was doing my menial job when my husband called me to help him carry the load. We did this for the sake of our children,” Said Saumu

Instead of punishing the couple, Magistrate Vincent Adet resorted to fundraise for them giving them Ksh 1,000 and asking those present to contribute the little they can to help them buy something for their children.

“On humanitarian grounds, especially for the woman, I have considered the circumstances of the offense and I sympathies with her situation. With three kids under her care, and no source of income, I am of the view that let us buy her a bale of wheat flour and some meat for today,” Said the Magistrate.

At the end of the fundraiser, the Magistrate noted that he resorted to helping them as a file brought before him confirmed that they relied on menial job for a living. He however warned them against repeating such a thing.

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