Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mpango Wa Kandos win big in children inheritance ruling

Its a big win for Mpango Wa Kandos in the country following a court ruling that allowed their children to inherit properties of their parents.

The ground breaking ruling was made by Mombasa Law Courts Judge Justice Onyiego who noted that the inheritance stands irrespective of whether the parent’s union was formal or not in the first place.

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The Judge continued by confirming that the ruling stands as long as the property in question is not contested.

The ruling follows a similar case where a widows children were denied right to their father’s properties since their union was not made official under Islamic Laws.

Justice Onyiego ruled against the husband’s family as he ordered the multi-million property to be divided among the children as there was proof that the two cohabited for over 10 years.

The Judge continued by taking note that there were birth certificates proving that the deceased was the children’s father.

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