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Murang’a police deploy drones to arrest chang’aa traders

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Police in Murang’a are using drones to track and arrest illegal breweries in the county.

The Murang’a police have embraced technology that it has helped them arrest over 50 people in the recent crackdowns.

Chang’a which is a local drink in most parts of the county has proved a hard nut to stop calling for more critical measures to be used.

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The use of drones is expected to not only lead to the arrest but make it easy for police officers to track such dens.

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Women in the area have protested many times in the past over their men use of the local brew.

They have shamelessly paraded their inabilities to perform leading to many cases of divorces in the area for a long time.

Unemployment is feared as young men get addicted to the brew ending up wasting the knowledge they acquired in universities.

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Case of unknown death is something not new with many falling victims to poisoning from using other strong illicit brews made illegally.

Parents especially women have also blamed the police for the ongoing sell of chang’a as they are said to be working with the sellers who in turn bribe them during crackdowns.

Others sellers are termed untouchable as they are well connected to top officials in the government.

All eyes are to the government and most importantly to the president in his quest to fulfill his agenda of providing employment.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has addressed the issue in the past and vowed to end the use of the illicit brew that has seen many becoming addicts.

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