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Mwende Mwinzi wins big in dual citizenship battle

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Nominated ambassador of Kenya to South Korea Mwende Mwinzi has been allowed not to denounce her American citizenship.

The High Court decision ruled on the basis that she a public officer, therefore, no need to nullify her citizenship in order to undertake her new role.

Initially, Mwende Mwinzi stayed put not to renounce her citizenship saying that it was by birth and that she can do nothing about it.

She found herself in the mix when her nomination tabled before the parliament was accepted under the condition that she drops the American citizenship.

Justice Makau noted that the constitution blocks state officers from taking such an assignment that does not fit her job title as a public officer.

Makau also noted Mwinzi’s move to court was way too soon as the decision had not been reached by the president himself.

At the moment the president is holding to permission from the National Assembly on their take of her nomination.


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