Naftali Kinuthia denies killing Ivy Wangechi

Naftali Kinuthia the suspect in the gruesome murder of medical student Ivy Wangechi has denied the charges.

 Appearing before Eldoret High Court Judge, Naftali Kinuthia was charged for the murder of Ivy Wangechi.

A mental assessment had already been done on him and he was declared fit to stand trial.

Through his lawyer Mbiu Kamau, the accused pleaded with the court to be released on bond arguing that he will not interfere with the case.

Hi plea was however turned down by the judge with the suspects car being considered part of the evidence.

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Ivy Wangechi’s parents through their lawyer pleaded for the case to be heard in Nairobi but the judge argued that the incident happened in Eldoret.

The judge also turned down application to have the car that was used by the suspect to be released saying that it was part of the evidence.

The case will be heard again on May 9th and the hearing on May 10th

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