Najib Balala’s brother in court battle due to a Mzungu

Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala’s brother,Jalal Balal booked services of a woman from Dubai only for things to head to the court.

Jalal was accused of mistreating Krystina a beauty from Belarus but trades in tea and coffee in Dubai.

Krystina arrived in the country on 25th of January 2018 and she was received by a security detail at the airport.

She had been invited to the country by Jalal.The court said she had been invited for a birthday party after which she was to return to Dubai.

Krystina she was invited to perform “general service” to Jalal who was old,had fractured arms and was battling cancer.

Jalal had paid Krystina to offer the services for three months.

Krystina was booked a hotel in North Coast wherenight parties went to late hours of the night and female guest were seen leaving in the morning.

Krystinafled that morning,took an uber to the airport where she had already booked a Turkish Airline to Dubai.

She was however caught by the police who took her to Nyali Police Station where she was booked under OB46/29/01/2018 and accused of stealing Jalal’s two Samsung Galaxy phones valued at Sh240,000, one iPhone Gold 8, two wrist watches valued at Sh60,000 besides Sh8,000, $2,000 and 5,000 Dirhams.

However Krystina was lucky to have found herself a lawyer and two weeks she was arraigned in court and the police admitted that the items were not in her possession and was released on February 13th.

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